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John Paul Andrews Jr.

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John Paul Andrews Jr.

Hello! Thanks for checking out my site!
My name is John Paul Andrews Jr. — or just Johnny

I am a freelancer in many different fields, with a wide range of experience in each field. A general overview of the fields I am involved in are sound, website creation, videography, photography, graphic design, marketing/SNS management and psychological research. If you look up the definition of a Jack-of-all-trades in the dictionary, my picture would be next to it. Being a Jack-of-all-trades, I am an incredibly quick learner, and can do pretty much any kind of job given enough lead time. Not only am I a quick learner, but I can be adaptable and flexible to any situation. I am very open minded, so you don’t have to worry about coming to me with a unique or possibly taboo project!

Currently, I live near Tokyo, Japan and have been for about 5 years, which has allowed me to accumulate many connections in many different industries. Though, I am able to do remote work, and can travel if need be.

Any Questions? Want more info? Want to tell me a joke? Contact me!

Photo Work
Advanced Photo Manipulation

Here you can see two examples of my work in photo manipulation. The first is a complete photo rework.The second is color and face touch up.

Video Work
Megumi Yoga Tokyo & Youtube

One of my biggest and current projects. Megumi Yoga Tokyo.
This is one example of my work on Youtube.

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Wai Wai Eigo and Instagram

One of my Instagram projects. A small instagram project consisting of over 250 videos. All shot, written and edited by me for a small English teaching company.

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Video Work Cont.

While the above are two examples of video work I have done, I have also made a popular Youtube page for ice hockey in Kanagawa, Japan called, In The Box Hockey.

It gets about 5 times the amount of view that it should be getting based on the target demographic.

What Else Can I Do?

Website Design

In depth experience with website creation, management, and upkeep. I generally use a more American modern style approach to websites. This website was made by me and also Megumi Yoga, Bright Life, Re: Group, and In The Box Hockey . All websites were made to clients request. Mainly work in CSS, HTML, JS, and PHP (wordpress), but also some knowledge in NodeJs, Angular, and Ruby.

Audio Work

Experience in audio editing, mastering, and engineering for voice over, podcasts (Example),  and videos. Using programs such as Reaper, Adobe Audition, and Audacity.


Living and working in Japan has given me the unique opportunity to be well connected to many different talents, business, owners, investors and artists in Japan. This allows me to find the right people to fill a need for any client.

Social Media Management

I have a very good understanding of Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. The ability to create content geared toward the users of each type of platform, and fitting to each type of platform. I also have a deep understanding on analytics on each platform.

Not only Photos and Video
Album Covers, Logos and more...

While photo and video work are my bread and butter I also can do other types of work. Album covers, logos, flyers, posters, voice over, and marketing materials are also in my repertoire. (tap or click to see full sized images , works best on computer).




Johnny is a fun and creative person.
He supports a client energetically and provides useful advice depending on the situation. By working with him, my works have achieved better results than imagined.


・He is good at teaching English and motivating students.
・He has a strong sense of responsibility.
・As his response is very quick, he is easy to work with



John is a really passionate creator! He always surprises me with imaginative approach. Also he sticks with his work to the end even so it would be quite tough situation. I have faith in his integrity and I’m glad to work with him!

Megumi Yoga Tokyo


I am very happy to provide very strong support for Mr. John Paul Andrews. As John’s lecturer, I have seen many instances of his talent and have long been impressed by his ever-positive learning attitude, strong sense of responsibility, diligence....

Bright Life Counseling

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